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car wash services 500x500 500x200Your vehicle is a huge investment. Unfortunately, your passengers and the environment don't always treat it with the care it deserves. Environmental contaminants, road trip snacks, and pet hair can quickly cause extensive damage to the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Professional detailing can reduce the impact on your vehicle by helping to shield it from the elements, remove stains and interior mess, and improve your health by reducing allergens and germs. Protecting your vehicle's interior and exterior sooner, rather than later, will also help maintain the value of your investment. From a basic cleaning, to paint correction and ceramic coatings, the detailing professionals at Downtown Volkswagen will assist you in achieving that "new car feeling" again!

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Hand Dry

Exterior Hand Wash

Sanitization of interior touch points

 downtown deluxe detail package

Upgraded Exterior Hand Wash

Complete Interior Vacuum

Clean windows inside and outside

Sanitization of interior touch points

Complete Hand Dry of Exterior

Wipe front dash, instrument cluster and console

Treat tires +rims

15-30 min

Starting from $39.95 + HST

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45 min - 1 hour

Starting from $99.95 + HST

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 downtown premium detail package

Includes all components of the Deluxe Package PLUS:

General spot shampoo of interior

Floor mats shampoo

Upgraded power wash of wheels and fenders

Vacuuming of trunk and cargo areas

Treatment of exterior and interior rubber and vinyl trim

2 step paint restoration process to eliminate MINOR paint imperfections

 d v w u l t i m a t e

Includes all components of the Premium Package PLUS:

Shampoo and degreasing of engine compartment

2 step paint restoration process, includes environmental residue removal

Complete interior shampoo of seats, carpets, floor mats and door panels

Application of fabric protectant or leather conditioner on interior fabric of leather seats

3 - 4 hours

Starting from $299.95 + HST

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5 - 6 hours+

Starting from $449.95 + HST

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Ceramic Coating

With ceramic coating, you receive a durable layer over painted surfaces to help resist minor wash scratches and swirl marks. Think of ceramic coating as a paint sealant on steroids. It bonds with your vehicle's clear coat to increase the hardness, provides a glass-like finish, and repels water and grime away with its hydrophobic properties. Additionally, the ceramic coating protects against elements such as discoloration from oils, pollution, and other environmental impurities.

Please note that your vehicle will need to remain indoors, in our climate-controlled facility, for 24-hours. This service includes a full exterior polish and detail.  


Starting as low as $999.95 + HST 

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Additional Services

Front Carpet Wash - $39.95 + HST

Front floor mats shampooed, cleaned, and vacuumed.

Front footwells cleaned and vacuumed

An ideal annual service to remove salt stains from winter months. 


Engine Shampoo and Cleaning - $59.95 + HST   

Shampoo and light hand wash of the engine compartment.


Pet Hair Removal -- Staring at $59.95 + HST


One Treatment Cycle of Ozone -- Starting at $79.95 + HST

Scratch Improvement -- Starting at $79.95 + HST per affected panel

Eliminates light surface scratches and greatly improves the appearance of deeper scratches.

Paint Correction -- Staring as low as $199.95 + HST

Requires a visual inspection of your vehicle for an accurate estimate. We can correct scratches, scuff marks, swirl marks, minor environmental contamination, paint oxidization, and more.

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